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Why Choose Our Team Here at Projects 4 Roofing?

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Sep 27, 2019

The fact is that there are hundreds of companies up and down the country that offer similar services to our own. The big question is “How are Projects 4 Roofing different and why would you chose them?” This is a question that many of our customers ask themselves and we believe its only right for us to make a blog focusing on answering this question so you don't have to do the research yourself! 


A Part of Your Local Community 


We pride ourselves on being part of the local community and not just being a company that simply ignores the community which the business is located within. If you visit our twitter page you will find that we do not post sales pitches day in and day out but we actually take time and put thought behind everything we post. Whether its a retweet of the recent Haverhill Junior Open or simply providing the latest tips and tricks on how you can use your conservatory we assure you that post we make has the intent of benefiting those who live within the local community. We would absolutely love it if you give one of our social media pages a follow as there are some very big things coming to our accounts. This big news is exclusive to our social media followers! Make sure you follow in time to catch this fantastic festive news. Little hint “Its an early Christmas present from our team here at Projects 4 Roofing to you!”


Local Employment 


The team here at Projects 4 Roofing are mostly made out of people who we have employed from the local community. We believe it is our duty to give back to the community we are based within. Whenever we are looking to employ someone for a job role here at Projects 4 Roofing the first contenders are those who live local to us and have the same love for Newmarket as we do. That is one of the many things that we do that make us special and it sets us aside from any competitors we have. The love we have for Newmarket and the surrounding areas can not be found with any old national company. 



Projects 4 Roofing many accreditations including LABC and Team Guardian

Here at Projects 4 Roofing, we understand that you are not just looking for a cheap price tag you are looking for a service that will last for years to come and that keeps on giving. “You get what you pay for in life” Is a quote you may have heard throughout your life but not ever taken the time to really think about. When finding a credible company to provide a service like a conservatory roof replacement or the construction of a SIP panel extension it's very important that you really take into consideration what you get for the price. We encourage all of the customers to take a look at the many accreditations that can be found on our website, we believe it will help you understand why we are trusted throughout Newmarket and the surrounding areas. We have decided to break down some of our accreditations in this blog. If you have already visited our accreditation feel free to skip to the next section titled “Trusted Throughout Suffolk.”


Competent Roofer


All work must be reported to the Local Authority Building Control! This may be news to many of you but here at Projects 4 Roofing, we understand how important it is that every job is checked by the local building authority to ensure its safe and up to industry best standards. There are many companies out there who simply do not care about these processes and are simply looking for a quick job where they can then disappear with your money with no after-sale support. We are not like this, as a member of Competent Roofer we are authorised to self-certify that our work complies with Building Regulations so you can have the peace of mind that our work is safe and reliable. 


Team Guardian Approved Member


We are also a team guardian approved member which allows us to install the highest quality conservatory roofs for all of our clients throughout Cambridge and the surrounding areas. A Guardian Warm Roof is the only solid conservatory roof system approved by the LABC. As we are reaching the colder months of the year it is now more important than ever that your conservatory roof provides adequate insulation. Having a guardian roof installed enables you to transform your cold conservatory into a warm and welcoming extension to your home that you can enjoy all year round. To find out more information about our guardian roof installation process and the benefits it can bring to your home please feel free to watch the video below.






Which Trusted Trader 


What is a which trusted trader? Well, this simply means that Which has recognised us here at Projects 4 roofing as a reputable trader for the services we offer. Whether you are looking at having a conservatory roof replacement or a kitchen extension you can relax knowing the service provided will be completed to the highest of standards. We are so proud of the incredible feedback we receive from our customers and we encourage everyone to take a look at our which trusted trader profile


Trusted Throughout Suffolk


Projects 4 Roofing is a company that simply honours every interaction they may have with anyone within the local community. We not only go above and beyond to ensure that every job is completed to the highest of standards but we also make sure that every who interacts with our company receives great customer service. We are one of the most trusted home improvement located within Suffolk and we are always working towards improving this reputation further. No matter how particular your home extension needs are we will work towards finding the perfect solution that meets all of your requirements. 


We hope you have enjoyed our latest blog! If you have any questions about any of the services we offer feel free to get in contact with one of our friendly team members today on - 01638 507730  




It is the perfect time of year to consider replacing your conservatory roof. Here at Projects4Roofing, we are proud to offer an incredible Christmas deal to all of our new customers. If you order one of our stunning Guardian Warm Roofs before Christmas you will receive an incredible £200 John Lewis voucher. To find out more information Click Here

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