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What Roof Finishes Can I Have On My Solid Conservatory Roof?

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Apr 20, 2020

The outside finish and colour are very important elements when replacing your conservatory roof.  Here at Projects4Roofing, we like to give you as much choice as possible and that’s why we offer 2 different finishes to choose from on your new solid conservatory roof, both of which are available in a wide variety of colours to best match your home. 

Lightweight Composite Slates

Our composite slates are lightweight and easily installed to add splendour, elegance and tradition to your conservatory roof conversion, complimenting your home. They are authentically shaped with textured surfaces and riven edges moulded from authentic slates making them almost indistinguishable from natural slate.  Composite slates will not crack, break or delaminate, and its product formulation and manufacturing processes provide durability, performance, and longevity enabling you to enjoy your new ‘Garden Room’ for many years to come. 

Lightweight Composite Slates are available in a variety of colours when replacing your conservatory roof, as shown below:


Featuring the aesthetic appeal of natural slate without the risk of cracking, breaking and bleaching


Metrotile Roof Tiles

As an alternative to slates we also offer the Metrotile Shingle Roof Tile which is made from lightweight high grade steel with an Aluzinc® coating for incredible strength and resilience, and features a unique ‘hidden fix’ feature that leaves no nails exposed to corrosion. Plus the Metrotile Esprit Shingle comes complete with a 40 Year Guarantee.

The Metrotile Shingle Roof Tile has many qualities for both appearance and performance and the colour choice means that a Metrotile roof on your conservatory conversion can match or compliment any house style.

Metrotile Roof Tiles are available in a variety of colours when considering a solid roof for your conservatory, as shown below:


  • 40 Year weatherproof guarantee
  • Easy Installation
  • No maintenance
  • Versatile and attractive


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